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Concept Design

Concept Design is a one-stop-shopping alternative that is ideal from your standpoint. You have freedom in selecting an architectural design from our robust offering of concepts or we can work together to personalize a design to suit your specific needs, and are assured of quality commensurate with your intentions.

With the concept design- BrinMar build method, you enjoy the comfort of cost control and schedule guarantees and you get to interact exclusively with a single, responsible entity.

The benefits to be gained by utilizing the our Concept Design process ​with
your BrinMar project include:

  • Single-source responsibility

  • Project costs established sooner

  • Condensed construction schedules

  • More innovative solutions

  • Greater control

  • Team approach

  • More experience

  • Fewer changes

  • Improved risk management

Transform your living space into the home of your dreams with BrinMar Construction & Development Group. Share your project details with us today and let our experts turn your vision into reality.

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